Blog numero uno

I was so excited that I already had one follower! Then I realized, it was myself…isn’t that how life usually goes?

For me it is, most of the time anyway. Especially now that I have little ones . I’m only 30 and sometimes I feel like I’m already out of touch with things-or I’m just that clueless (probably the latter). On the sly I have to hop on the Google and find out what, “I.K.R” is. Then I find out that I shouldn’t be using Google-it should be Bing. Then I think of Cherry Bing ice cream. Then I get hungry.

Throw some bickering in with my husband for good measure and that is my life summed up: kids, looking things up on the world wide web to see what they actually mean, food and my husband.

Not a very riveting first post. But we are just getting started on this journey my friends. Just. Getting. Started.



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