Sleepless in Saskatchewan 

It seems as though the hubs and I breed children that don’t like to sleep. No… Let me correct myself-children that don’t like to turn off their beautiful minds at night.

We mostly co-sleep, though not by choice. The 5 yr old will Chuck Norris style bust the door down at 1,2,3 am to let us know she: 1) Loves us 2.) Needs the computer and a snack 3.) Or to tell us we shouldn’t sleep with the door closed. *She might actually have a point there…it would really save us on replacing all the doors she Kool-Aid Mans through*.

Our 1 yr old on the other hand (and I know this because we have a video/motion monitor) will stand up in his crib-take the video monitor, “Blaire Witch” look at it (love the up the nose shots) then Bruce Lee drop kicks it–making the alarm go off.

Now when you see me on the street you will understand the dark circles under the eyes and why I jump if you come up from behind me.

Peaceful dreams friends.


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