The Fake Out

Just when you think, “Hey! My kids don’t totally hate me” or, “I’m a half assed ok parent” because both have slept 2 nights in a row-BAM-ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!

The 5yr old get the attitude and listening skills of a wet mop that’s left in a bucket of pee for a week and the 1yr old refuses to nap…even though we all know he needs to…he knows he needs to…it just DOES. NOT. HAPPEN.

But you know what? I can actually deal with those two.

It’s the man cold that brings the Hubs to his knees. 

All I want to do is get my at home workout done (it’s day 1 of me trying to turn over a healthy leaf…bear with me) when the kids are bellowing and the Hubs is walking around like he’s been pepper sprayed. 

It’s the beginning of the week folks…shits about to get real.

Have a blessed and sparkly day.


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